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DISCLAIMER: As you all know the characters used here do not belong to me and this is just for fun, no money is being made out of this. My stories are only published here at this site so any mistakes are totally and exclusively mine.
I hope you like this and I’d love for you to comment.
Chapter 1
The Party
Blair entered quickly to the house that Monday afternoon, and he passed running towards the stairs, to his room.
“Don’t run in the house!” He heard his father, Jim, yell.
“Hi, dad!” he answered, making a wave with his hand and lowering his velocity to a quick step.
Jim Ellison watched him smiling.
Everyday he was amazed of the energy his 16-year-old son showed. Everyday he thanked heaven that his mother let him stay with him, when he was only a few months old. Telling him through a note that she wasn’t ready to take care of a child, Naomi Sandburg had taken her stuff and disappeared from his husband and son’s life. Jim had looked extensively for her, until he received a note in which Naomi asked him to stop looking her, to let her live her life and that he should live his.
And so he did.
He kept on with his life, even though at first he felt a lot of rage and pain.
Even though all those feelings of abandonment and loss.
He dedicated to raise his son despite all the insecurity he felt.
And he always thanked for that. He couldn’t even imagine what his life would be without his son.
The sounds of steps on the stairs distracted Jim from his thoughts.
“Come and greet me properly,” he told Blair, who was coming downstairs, with a smile.
Blair approached, smiling himself and he hugged him, “Hi, dad.”
“How was school, huh?” asked Jim while they walked towards the kitchen.
Blair went straight to the freezer to get some milk, while he talked non-stopping about his school day.
Jim made appropriate noises every time he needed to remind his son about his intonation, but he wasn’t paying much attention to what his son was saying.
Years of practice from listening the West’s fastest mouth had taught him to hear only the excited tone of the conversation.
He was like that until the word “party” made its way into their conversation.
“Which party?” Jim said quickly, before Blair could continue. “It wouldn’t happen to be one of those fraternity parties, will it?”
Blair stopped surprised; he was actually counting on his father’s lack of attention to get permission to go to the party.
“N-no” Blair lied. “There is a party on Saturday on a friend’s house,” he said cautiously.
“And who is coming?” Jim was very strict with his son’s company, even though the majority of the day he was busy working as a detective, he made some time to watch Blair’s school and friends.
“Just some guys,” he answered evasively.
Jim noticed his son’s signals.
“What are you not telling me, honey?” he asked softly, “you know you can’t lie to me.” With his sentinel abilities, he discovered right away when Blair was trying to lie to him.
“Only that his parents are not going to be home,” said Blair wincing. In a corner of his mind he was surprised by the facility with which he was lying and hiding his lies with even more lies.
“No adults to watch you? Then the answer is no,” responded Jim firmly.
Blair sighed. “With that story you never let me do anything!” he protested, “I’m not a child, you know? I can take care of myself!” he finished, rising his voice.
Jim stared at him, surprised of this rude display. Lately, Blair had been showing his rebel side more often, and Jim hadn’t found the appropriate way to react yet, because normally his son had a quiet and complying character.
During all his childhood, the only thing Jim did to punish Blair was send him to his room or give him an early bedtime.
This way he had managed to control the few tantrums that Blair had. But now, in his teenage years, Blair had apparently developed the concept that no matter what he did, his father was never going to punish him severely. And that encouraged him even more to do things he wouldn’t have done in other circumstances.
Jim adored his boy. Blair had always been a sweet and none too naughty boy for his age.
And after all he had seen Jim in his job as a cop, and he had promised himself he would never put a hand on his son. Taking away his books and sending him to his room would be enough.
In that moment and given the evident lack of respect on Blair’s side, Jim was starting to have second thoughts about that promise.
“Blair,” Jim warned, widening his eyes and lowering his tone of voice, “Don’t you ever rise you voice at me.”
His son noticed that that tone of voice was the same Jim used when he grounded him and, even though he wasn’t afraid of getting spanked, he didn’t want to be confined to his room for the rest of the afternoon.
“I’m sorry,” he mumbled softly and he put on his best apology face.
 “It’s alright, Chief,” Jim told him, putting his hands on his shoulders, “Let’s talk about this, okay?”
“I really want to go to this party, dad. Nothing is going to happen, really,” he begged.
“Chief, if there isn’t adult supervision in the party I don’t want you to go. I can go with you but I don’t think you want it that way,” he added the last part quickly noticing Blair’s horrified expression.
“Magnificent!” said Blair, pouting. “Just imagine what my friends will say if I go with my dad to babysit!”
Jim sighed. “Then everything’s been said, Chief. You are not going to the party,” he said in a final tone.
Blair looked at him, finished drinking his milk and then left the kitchen. He crossed the dinning room with a quick pace and then went through the front door to go to the yard.
When he was in the yard, Blair sat in a swing. Sulking, he was thinking how to go to the party anyways. He knew it was going to be great, his friend had made sure of that and he didn’t want to miss it for anything in the world. It was the first college party he was invited to. Apparently everyone was finally accepting the boy genius that was studying with them and Blair didn’t want to miss what had taken him so much to get.
He loved to study and he felt on the seventh heaven when he was accepted in college at only 16, but he hadn’t counted on being looked as a freak and totally ignored by his schoolmates.
Being the social person he was Blair was hurt by this. He promised himself he’d win people’s sympathy and now it was finally resulting, the party invitation was a proof.
Some way he’d have to escape. And he should be very careful because he didn’t want his dad to find out.
“Chief, dinner’s ready!” He heard his father calling and mentally prepared himself for the first step in the trick he was going to play his father.  
Now everything was quiet, once the decision had been made, but he knew that if he changed his attitude his father would suspect immediately. He continued sitting a while longer, knowing waiting made Jim upset.
And he wasn’t let down. Five minutes later Jim came out again through the front door. “Blair, didn’t you hear me? Come to have dinner.”
Slowly and with a face that indicated resentment, Blair stood up from where he was and went inside with short steps. He passed next to his father not even looking at him. Once he was on the table, and during dinner, he didn’t say a word and dedicated to eat in silence, showing his displeasure in his gestures.
Finally, Jim lost his patience. “If you’re done, go get ready for bed,” he said when he noticed Blair was not even eating but playing with his food. Blair obeyed.
Jim started to wash the dishes and clean the kitchen. He’d rather do it all alone than make Blair stay and help him, not wanting to have to stand his sulking.
God! Teenagers!” Jim shook his head, sighing.
Immediately his thoughts went back to his own teenage years. Had he been so difficult too? He felt compassion for his old man and couldn’t help to smile slightly. He finished his chore drying his hands and went to the living room to watch the afternoon news. But he didn’t pay much attention to the TV. Thinking about his father had made him remember some of his childhood moments. His father was a strict man, and more than once Jim and his brother had felt his dad’s belt for their bad behavior. And yet they had survived.
Jim shook his head. He hoped he didn’t have to spank Blair, but now, under the light of all his memories he could tell the difference between a spanking for being rude and a beating.
And he, definitely, had never been beaten.
Not much time happened before Jim had to punish Blair.
The boy continued acting out, tempting his father’s patience and trying to convince him to give him permission to go to the party on Saturday.
Thursday, he went too far, and managed to seriously disrespect his father.
“Blair, go to your room right now!” said Jim through gritted teeth.
Blair looked at him indifferently, while heading slowly to his room.
“Ok, let me know when dinner’s ready,” he said sarcastically.
That one last comment was what pulled the trigger in order for Jim to make a decision. In two quick steps he reached his son, took him by the arm and almost dragged him to his room.
“Dad, what are you doing?!” asked Blair, in full panic.
When they reached his room, Jim closed the door behind him, sat Blair on the bed and stood in front of him.
“I never thought this moment would come, Chief,” he said trying to calm down and living his tone of voice a relaxation he didn’t feel.
“I want you to know that I will not tolerate this kind of behavior. You can’t be disrespectful and make life impossible for us just because I didn’t give you one simple permission.”
Blair looked at him with wide eyes.
“Lately I have been thinking that the punishments I give you don’t seem to change you behavior, so I’ve decided to change tactics.”
He made a pause so that his words made effect.
“I know that I have never punished you physically and I didn’t think it would be necessary, but I will not allow you keeping up with that attitude and behavior. And given the fact that being sent to your room is not working, I want you to know that from now on your punishment is going to include a spanking. I think knowing the consequences of your bad behavior could be painful, will make you think twice before doing it.”
Blair stood with his mouth open. “But… but… daaad” he begged.
His eyes started to fill with tears while Jim lifted him from the bed and took his place.
Jim threw him face down on his lap and Blair obeyed, starting to sob.
When he had the target in place, Jim raised his hand saying, “This is because I love you and I want you to grow up to be a good person.” With that he brought his hand down with moderate force on Blair’s butt.
It was barely a pat, compared with what Jim had received during his teenage years, but Blair screamed and winced like if he were getting killed.
Jim gave him four swats and then stopped. He started to pat Blair’s curls and he lifted him softly to put him on his lap, rocking him.
 “Ssshhh, chief, it’s over, ssshhhh, ssshhh,” he mumbled.
Blair started to calm down a little. He felt a load of emotions inside of him. On one side he felt betrayed. His father changing his modus operandi without consulting him was unthinkable. His father had always taken his feelings into account.
On the other side, he understood that if his father consulted him, he would have not accepted. And that was what a punishment was about, the less he liked it, the more effective it would be.
Jim himself felt a lot of guilt for making his son cry that way. But he soothed himself thinking it was the right thing and that Blair would grow up to be a better person.
When Blair finally calmed down, he stood up from his father’s lap.
Jim stood too and started to make his son’s bed, so he could lie down. “Go wash your face and then come and rest for a while,” he said softly.
“Without saying a word Blair went to the bathroom.
Jim sighed, he understood this was something his son would have some trouble assimilating but he hoped he did soon, so he wasn’t mad at him.
Blair lied face down on the bed, not for the pain but for the effort of closing all sorts of communication with Jim, but his father sat on the corner of the bed and started to rub his tense shoulders.
“I hope you know I did not like doing that, Chief,” he said softly, “but I also want to assure you that I’ll do it again if it is necessary.”
Getting no answer from his son, Jim stood up. “I’ll call you for dinner.” He left the room with a troubled heart and walked to the kitchen to have some coffee.
‘Finally the day is here!’ thought Blair on Saturday morning.
He had carefully prepared his plan and a few swats weren’t going to make him desist. Besides, for the guilt feeling he could read in his father’s eyes, he assumed Jim would not repeat the punishment.
He was lucky enough his father had to work that night. Jim had an investigation job in a drug situation and that night he was watching a possible contact. They were about to get the bastards that sold that stuff to teenagers in town.
Even though Blair had planned to escape through his room’s window and cross the roof until going down to the first floor, that night he could easily walk out the front door using his own key.
He knew Jim was going be back late so the chance of getting caught was slim. And although he wasn’t afraid, what his father had said the day he had spanked him, stayed in a corner of his mind. “I’ll do it again if it is necessary.”
“Hey, Blair, man!” He heard that someone was calling him when he got to the place the party was taking place.
The place looked pretty wild and that caused him a bad first impression. He saw some guys already drink and he was sure the party had not been going on for more than half an hour.
“Hi, John,” he answered his classmate with a smile. “It looks like those guys were drinking pretty much, right?” He pointed the two boys that were sitting on the floor with a distant look.
John smiled enigmatically. “Yeah…” he said cautiously, he couldn’t relieve Blair hadn’t recognized the drug’s symptoms, but he thought it was because of his short age. “They have drunk a lot…”
He took him to the center of the party and Blair spent a good half an hour chatting with some people and drinking from a beer jar.
By the time he finished his beer, he was already dizzy. When he went to the kitchen to get something without alcohol to drink, he noticed something weird between a group of guys, but he was intercepted immediately by another one of his friends, that took his back to the living room. 
“What were they doing there, huh?” he asked innocently.
“None of your business,” the other guy answered, “unless you’re interested…”
“What is it?” asked Blair.
“Just drink it and tell me if you like it. Then if you want, we can get you some more.” Seeing Blair doubted he added, “Come on! You are going to like it, or what? Are you afraid?”
That was enough for Blair; no one was going to say he was afraid of anything… He took a sip and then immediately felt a strange taste.
He took another sip, given his friend’s inquisitive look, and started to feel even dizzier, but with an adrenaline rush that made him feel good at the same time.
Blair took yet another sip of what he was holding in his hand and was about to accept the offer of a refill when someone yelled, “Quiet! Police!”
Everybody started to run in different directions, trying to escape while the cops entered and tried to arrest them.
Blair froze, not fully understanding what was going on because of his dizziness, but reacted immediately when he hear shooting and the scream, “Blair!! Down!!” He went to a corner and stood against the wall, while someone protected him with his body.
Jim and other cops had been watching the house where the party took place. They had seen earlier that the drug dealer suspect had entered and they had been waiting for the right moment to go in and arrest him.
In a moment and with the corner of his eye, Jim saw a boy with curls that reminded him a lot of Blair. “No”, he thought. “Blair is asleep in the house” and when he glanced again to confirm it, the boy had already entered.
When they entered quickly, surprising the guys, he was even more surprised to see that it was really Blair the one at the party and that he was drinking something from a cup.
The moment everybody started running, he tried to go to him quickly to protect him. when he was two steps away he heard the first shots, produced by one of the guys that had a gun, and screamed, “Blair!! Down!!” while he threw himself to cover him with his body.
Everything else was a blur for either of them.
The rest of the officers took charge of the guy that had the gun, that was the drug dealer in fact, and they started to handcuff the boys that they managed to catch.
Blair vomited the few bites he had grabbed in the corner where he was and started to cry, noticeably scared.
“Calm down, Chief.” He heard someone saying.
“Dad?” he asked between sobs and felt himself looked in a strong hug from Jim, who felt the urgent necessity to have him next to him.
All of a sudden, his father broke the hug and shook him a little.
“What are you doing here?! Is this the party I forbade you to come?!”
The shake made Blair nauseous again so he inclined a little to throw up.
Jim felt guilty immediately, and started to comfort him, leaving his anger aside.
Ambulances had come; some of the guys were really intoxicated, so Jim directed his son quickly to one of them so he could be checked out. He left him in the nurse’s care, while he went to look for Simon. He spotted his boss and walked towards him, without losing sight of Blair.
“Simon, Blair is here,” he informed him.
“What?!” his boss screamed. “What is he doing here?!”
“I don’t know, but I assure you I intend to find out,” Jim answered, while observing that they were getting Blair on one of the ambulances. “I have to go with him.”
Simon sighed. “Go with him, Jim. We’ll finish up here.”
In the waiting room from the hospital, Jim recreated all of the day events and he couldn’t help to be mad with his son for his disobedience, which could have meant his life. Soon he saw Blair walk out, along with a doctor.
“Mr. Ellison?” the doctor asked, “Your son is alright,” he continued alter Jim nodded his head to answer. “He hasn’t consumed much drug and we have already given him medication to prevent the effects. You can take him home.”
Jim nodded again, put his arm around Blair’s shoulders and thanked the doctor.
The road home was silent, each one immersed in their own thoughts. Jim was trying to calm down and thinking how to face the situation. He knew what he had to do; he just needed to think what would be the right time to do it.
Blair, himself, was regretting enormously what he had done. He had no idea what was really going on in that party and was thinking how on Earth he could apologize to his father for all that had happened.
They arrived home. Surprisingly enough, it was only 1am.
“Let’s get to bed,” said Jim, “You have to get well and I’m tired.”
Blair felt his eyes fill with tears. He was expecting his father to throw all the anger at him and instead he had only received an invitation to sleep.
“I’m really sorry, dad,” he said. “I didn’t know they had drugs in there. If I had known I would have never gone.”
Jim approached him and took Blair’s face between his hands. “You shouldn’t have gone. Period. I forbade you to go,” he said severely.
He passed his thumbs through Blair’s cheeks where the tears started to run. “But don’t think anymore about it for now, son. Let’s go to bed and tomorrow we’ll talk about this.” He kissed the kid’s forehead and softly pushed him towards the stairs. “Go get ready for bed. I’ll be right there.” He sighed, while watching Blair go upstairs.
Feeling excessively tired, he double checked the locks from both windows and doors, put the alarm on and went to Blair’s room. He smiled sadly when he watched him asleep on the bed. Good, the talk and everything else would come until the next day. He lifted the covers and put them on Blair just below his chin. He kissed his son’s forehead and drifted off to his own room to sleep.
The next day, Jim woke up early. He took a shower and went down to the kitchen to make breakfast. Before doing this, he passed by Blair’s room to see how he was. He was sleeping soundly, so Jim closed the door softly and carried on his way downstairs.
He was making breakfast when he heard some steps on the stairs; he turned around and saw Blair standing on the kitchen’s door.
“Good morning,” he said with a smile.
“Good morning,” the boy answered, without looking at him.
They had breakfast in silence and when they were done, Jim took a deep breath, knowing it was time for Blair to face the music.
 “Blair, go to your room. I’ll clean this up and then I’ll go upstairs to talk to you.”
Blair only looked at him and mumbled a “yes, sir,” while he obeyed. A voice in his head told him that he should comply and do exactly what his father ordered.
Jim knocked on the door and proceeded to enter to Blair’s room without waiting for an answer.
Blair was sprawled on the bed with his disc-man on and evidently listening to music. He took it off when he saw his father entered.
Jim stood in front of the bed.
“Explain to me how you happened to be at the party when I specifically told you to stay at home,” he started.
Blair blinked noticing his father’s hard voice. “I… I wanted to go to the party,” he mumbled; he really didn’t have anything else to say.
“I told you that you couldn’t go unless they had adult supervision, remember?” he asked and not expecting an answer he added, “Besides, you told me it wasn’t a fraternity party and that was exactly what it was. You lied to me.”
Blair blushed and dropped his gaze.
 “Do you realize what really happened last night?” Jim continued. “Do you realize that you could have been intoxicated… or hurt… or dead because of those bullets?” Every possible result Jim talked about made him more agitated.
Blair stood up in a jump and walked to get away from his father. He understood what had happened the night before, but he had also been okay and he had the imprudence to say it out-loud. “But none of that happened!”
“But not thanks to you,” Jim interrupted him. “What would have happened if we weren’t there? The least that would have happened is that you could have ended up intoxicated, or in a hospital or in jail… and the worst of it is that you could have died! And you’re not even aware of that!!”
Jim took a deep breath, trying to calm down.
“But I think we’ve talked enough about that subject. The main thing here is that you lied to me and disobeyed me and with that you put yourself in danger. I told you there would be consequences next time you misbehaved, and it is time for you to face them,” he ended.  
“But dad…” said Blair. “You can’t spank me…”
“Yes I can, son. I don’t like doing it but I’ll do it while it’s necessary,” he answered. He took him by the arm and guided him to the bed. He sat down and put Blair, who was crying already, face down over his lap.
“Don’t, dad. Don’t do it,” Blair said before feeling the first spank on his butt.
“Oww!” he screamed more out of surprise than pain itself.
Jim continued to apply his hand, but not with much force. Even though he knew the spanking was well and richly deserved, he felt bad about doing it.
Blair started to squirm and all his docility disappeared as the swats were advancing.
“Let me go, dad! You can’t do this!” he protested.
Jim was starting to have an uneasy feeling. Blair didn’t sound regretful, he, in fact, sounded offended by the position he found himself in. And also Jim had started to feel his hand was stinging a little. He immediately made a decision. It was going to be harsh, but he had to do it if he wanted this to have the desired effect.
Blair was wearing baggy pants, which Jim pulled down in a second along with his underwear, baring his son’s slightly pink butt.
“NO, DAD!!” Blair now screamed.
PAFF!! PAFF!! The more forceful smacks, which Jim was applying now, resounded.
“OWWW!! OWWWW!!” Was Blair’s only answer.
 “I’m not going to *PAFF!* let you *PAFF! PAFF!* disobey me *PAFF! PAFF!* again *PAFF! PAFF!*” Jim was lecturing along with the spanks that he was applying on Blair’s bare ass.
He continued to punish the squirming butt over his lap, while he made it perfectly clear to his son that no more lies or disobedience would be tolerated.
Blair started to cry uncontrollably, while he was trying to make his father stop.
But Jim kept the firm pace, not listening to his son’s pleas; until he noticed Blair was near his break point.
“Are you going to do it again?” he asked while applying another hard smack to the already red butt.
“NO, DAD! NEVER AGAIN! PLEASE, STOP!” begged Blair, between sobs.
Jim applied a final smack, harder than the rest, in order to reinforce the message. He then proceeded to put his son’s clothes back in place and helped him to sit on his lap.
Blair kept on sobbing uncontrollably, but he held Jim’s neck, when he hugged him. They stayed like that for a while. Jim rocking him and Blair sobbing.
Finally, Blair calmed down enough to break his father’s embrace. He stood up, wincing in pain, and started to rub his still stinging butt.
Jim hold back a laugh and said, “I hope we don’t find ourselves in this position again, son.”
Blair shook his head from side to side, to say no.
Jim stood up and put his hands on his son’s shoulders. “But if we have to do it again, this will look like a few love pats compared to the spanking you’ll get,” he said seriously.
Blair opened his mouth in full surprise given the threat, but closed immediately.
“Yes, dad,” he answered quickly.
He noticed he must do various changes to his behavior in order to prevent his dad to give him a repeat performance. Now he saw him differently, knowing he’d make good on his threat.
“Go wash your face and then come downstairs. I’ll give you a list of chores for today,” said Jim while heading to the door.
From that moment on, Blair changed his behavior enough to not provoke his father. There were times with little tantrums that got him the same result: Blair over Jim’s knees getting his butt spanked; but for a while, there was no necessity to repeat such a hard spanking on Blair’s bare rear end.
He had learned.
End of chapter 1 of the “Ellison Family” series.....
There will be more.


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